Actress Emma Thompson wants to deny people jobs in Lancashire

Nanny McPhee actress neither wanted or needed by Lancashire residents


Emma Thompson, the world's most highly paid actress, has visited Lancashire to join a protest in a bid to stop fracking on the Fylde, a move that would deny struggling local families the affordable energy and jobs they need.

The actress is reported to have had combined annual earnings [1] of $46 million (£33 million) in the year to February 2018. By comparison, in Blackpool the average salary is £19,500 a year - or just 0.06% of Ms Thompson's grossly-inflated pay packet.

Just let that sink in for a moment...

Local people that are hoping for well paying jobs to spring from shale, and looking forward to potentially lower gas bills, will find it offensive and distasteful to hear this filthy-rich London luvvie lecturing them about what's good for them.

It seems she's also a hypocrite, waxing lyrical about how we should be investing in renewables when her house in Crediton Hill, Hampstead, appears to be devoid of solar panels [2].

Instead of lending her celebrity status to a protest movement that has precious local support and no social licence in the communities blighted by direct action, she'd be better donating her earnings from last year to pay for 5,500 solar PV installations on fuel-poor homes in Blackpool and elsewhere if she really wants to make a difference.

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