I'm Backing Fracking because...

In 100 words or less, tell us why you're backing fracking in the UK - we'd love to know!


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  • Charlie Hobson
    N.Sea Oil was found when I was young. I often wondered where we would be now without that benefit. Fracking might be another boon for UK, we need all the help we can get.

    Fuel security in our modern age is important.

    I reject the majority of scare stories.

    I accept the notion of small considered risk.

    I accept we need to reduce CO2, I accept we will burn gas for 20 years. We can import from ISIS supporting Qatar, or burn our own, benefitting UK economy. Needs good regulation.
  • Lorraine Allanson
    I am backing fracking because I firmly believe we live in a volatile world and we need energy security, we need to ensure we have a supply of gas ready to use when we need it. Economically it will contribute to our GDP which benefits us all as it helps fund our government to afford our public services and NHS. We need jobs in the North and business investment, aided by cheap energy which fuels industry. Fuel poverty is a huge issue and we need to safeguard the more vulnerable in society who at present are ignored and cannot afford to keep warm. An extra jumper will not be suffice for an elderly person, they need heat that is cheap and available 24/7. Renewables are a long way off from being that and create mainly electricity which is not an economical way to heat our homes. Electricity is already 3 times the cost of gas. Our energy is set to get ever more expensive, can our vulnerable in society be so badly ignored just so that we meet the targets of the few.
  • Justin Vanparys
    I’m backingfracking because I want a proper job and that means i wont have to be a protester any more
  • I'm Backing Fracking because...tell us now in 100 words of less! http://www.backingfracking.org/backing-fracking-because?recruiter_id=2
  • Paul Mayhew
    I want cheap gas and I want it now
  • Bella Gee
    We need to get our energy from somewhere. If that’s below our feet then we at least have to explore it. How much longer can we justify importing energy? Ok it may mean that parts of land look ugly for while but we have to live with it because we cannot sustain our current situation. It has to happen somewhere and it’s happening here.
  • Katty Smith
    I baćk fracking cause the natural gases will run out so we need a back up plan.if they don’t drill how will we know if it will work
  • Jim ONeill
    One in three children live in poverty in Blackpool and there’s very little work locally which isn’t minimum wage. This is an ideal opportunity to make a change locally and gives local companies a head start in the national supply chain
  • Jules Williamson
    I’m backing fracking because I believe it ensures a future gas supply, also it will create much needed employment & business opportunities locally & nationally. Furthermore I back fracking to annoy protestors as they annoy me by blocking my local major road which is the safest route to my employment.
  • Philip Cardwell
    because Blackpool’s economy needs a huge kickstart. It has relied on tourism, as its seasonal primary industry for too long, Its about time the area gained a second industry providing year round employment that will make a significant contribution to the local economy and hopefully regenerate some of the deprived areas of the town
  • Greg Molyneux
    I’m backing fracking for the UK’s long term energy security
  • Agent Orange
    We’re going to carry on using gas for decades. That being the case, it’s better to use our own if we can – better for the economy and better for the environment. Let’s get cracking with fracking!
  • Robert Ward
    A safe and sensible addition to our energy options that will cut fuel bills, produce good quality jobs and help our environment.