Be an Armchair Advocate



You can be backing fracking from the comfort of your living room


No need to go on a march or demo, no need to stand around waving placards and banners (unless you want to) - you can support the development of a UK shale gas industry from the comfort of your living room! 

Here are four actions you can take easily. 

1. Share you reasons 

Tell everyone why you're backing fracking in 100 words or less and post it to our feedback page. Then share it with your Facebook friends and we'll do the same!

2. Get your Backing Fracking Twibbon

Go here and get your attractive Twibbon to display proudly on your Facebook and Twitter profile photo, and show everyone that you're Backing Fracking! 

3. Do some letter writing

Find out who your parish, district, borough and county Councillors are and then write to them telling them that you support the exploration and development of shale gas in your area and elsewhere in the UK. Feel free to use our 10 reasons to be backing fracking as a guide to help you explain why you support it. Then find out who your MP is with this tool and write to them to ask them to speak up in support of shale gas as your voice in Parliament.

4. Recruit three followers from friends, families and colleagues

Use our Spread the Word tools to make it easier to reach out to people you know and invite them to get involved in our campaign.