Buy British for cheaper gas

The further it travels, the more our gas costs us. Just one reason to be backing fracking in the UK.



Until 2004, Britain was self-sufficient in gas from the North Sea, but since then it's been running out [1].

Because of that, we now import over half the gas we use to heat our homes, light our streets and run our factories. 23% of those imports in 2016 were Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) shipped all the way from from the Middle East, with the rest supplied through pipelines from Europe [2].

The further gas has to travel, the more expensive it is. According to Ofgem [3], roughly a quarter of your domestic gas bill covers the cost of getting the gas to your home, and this is likely to rise in the future as we become more reliant on gas imports from abroad, especially LNG from places like Qatar, Egypt and Algeria. Not only that, but because around 30% of our electricity comes from gas, that reliance on imports affects how much we pay for power too. And who knows what impact Brexit will yet have on the price of gas obtained from our continental neighbours?

If you want affordable gas for home heating and cooking in the future, and electricity at a price you can pay too, you need to start backing fracking.

Take action

1. Join us in our campaign to support homegrown, British gas.

2. Become an Armchair Advocate.

3. Write to your local County Councillor.

Further reading

Want to do your own research to verify what we've said? No problem - you'll find everything you need here:

[1] BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017 Gas: Production - Bcf (from 1970)

[2] Digest of UK Energy Statistics Gas Chapter 4: Natural Gas

[3] Ofgem Infographic: Bills, prices and profits September 2017