Environment Agency scotches false flooding claims

Responding to a Freedom of Information request made by anti-fracking activists, the Environment Agency has moved to dismiss a number of claims made about the fracking operations underway at Cuadrilla's Preston New Road site.


It says:

the build-up of surface water on the pad is a result of heavy rain

it is satisfied that there is no artesian water reaching the well pad from the shallow aquifer 

water logging in the surrounding fields is not due to surface water escaping from the pad 

skips seen on site in drone footage do not contain 'hazardous red drilling mud' but simply surplus cement awaiting disposal

a reported spill of fluid from skips on the public highway was most likely just accumulated rainwater 

The response was posted to a local anti-fracking Facebook page by Suzie Mizon who made the original information request in October.

Protestors have spent the last few months making all manner of wild claims on social media about activities at the Cuadrilla site. 

Using a mixture of speculation and scaremongering, they've set out to try and convince the watching public that corners are being cut and that regulations are not effective.

This response from the Environment Agency clearly shows that's not the case at all, and that operations are being conducted properly and safely. Local residents don't deserve to be unduly frightened by overblown and misleading stories cooked-up by politically motivated activists. We're glad that this Freedom of Information response has been put into the public domain so that people living nearby can be reassured that their local environment is not being harmed.

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