Foxwood Chase house sale disproves fracking house price impacts

A house on Foxwood Chase, practically opposite the Cuadrilla site on Preston New Road in Lancashire, was sold in July 2016 for a profit.


The three bedroom mid-terraced house, in a private gated development, is situated within 300 metres of the fracking site.

It sold just 3 months before the Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, gave the go-ahead for shale gas exploration on appeal. 

It is inconceivable to think that the purchaser knew nothing of Cuadrilla's plans - if nothing else, it would have shown up in the conveyancing searches that are carried out in respect of all house transactions.

A quick check on Zoopla and Rightmove shows that the previous owners managed to sell the house with a modest £8,500 profit compared to its 2011 purchase price.

So, what can we conclude from this?

Firstly, that people are not put off buying houses in the vicinity of proposed fracking sites - even in such close proximity as this. 

Secondly, that house prices around fracking sites do not plummet. 

And, thirdly, that it is possible for existing homeowners to sell properties near fracking sites.

All of which completely undermines the false narrative pushed by opponents of shale gas extraction who say that fracking will demolish house prices and make it impossible for people to sell. 

Worse still - remember Pat who, according to that dodgy Friends of the Earth fundraising leaflet "saved her home from fracking"? Guess what? 6 Foxwood Chase was her house. She didn't save it, she sold it and the local anti-frackers have known this since last summer but have said nothing while continuing to peddle their lies about house prices and people being unable to sell. How disingenuous is that?


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