Flaming Taps and Fracking

When fracking starts, we'll be able to set our tap water on fire, we don't want that


That's flat out not going to happen. Josh Fox, the filmmaker behind Gaslands in which there's a scene showing people lighting their tap water on fire, has admitted in public - when questioned by an investigative journalist - that gas in people's water was a problem in that part of Denver, Colorado, long before fracking came along.

Check out this clip here.

You'll hear reference to biogenic and thermogenic methane (natural gas). Biogenic gas is formed near the surface at shallow depths, and is produced by the natural decay of organic matter, like fallen leaves. Thermogenic methane is formed at much greater depths and higher temperatures, and is a result of the breakdown of plant and marine life hundreds of millions of years ago. Scientists can tell the difference according to the isotopic signature of the gas. The gas in people's taps in Denver is biogenic methane, which Fox acknowledges.

Aside from the fact that he clearly faked those infamous scenes in Gaslands, only 1% of people in England draw water from private wells - the other 99% of us have it piped directly into our homes by utility companies. Flaming tap water hasn't been linked to fracking in the US and won't be here in the UK either.