Flaring Gas 24/7

Is it true that they'll be flaring gas (also known as 'methane burn-off') 24/7, all year round, with jets of flames that light up the night sky?


No. Many people worry about the night sky being filled with jets of naked flame from 24/7, 365 days a year flaring, and that's because opponents of fracking regularly use images showing that and say it's what we can expect here in the UK.

But it just isn't true. 

For most of the lifetime of a shale gas well, gas is never flared. Think about it - why would someone spend many millions extracting gas just to burn it all in a flare, when the objective is to sell it into the national grid to be used by people and businesses? They wouldn't.

An exploration well is allowed to flare gas because it has no connection to the distribution network, but it will never light up the night sky because, in the UK, enclosed flare systems are used - common on landfill sites, sewage treatment plants and even food processing factories. You can find out more about flaring here.