Forcing Fracking On Communities

Lancashire County Council already voted against Cuadrilla's site and it has been forced upon them by the government. The council and the people of Lancashire said no, didn't they?


No, Lancashire County Council has never taken a vote on fracking. A small number of councillors on the planning committee went against the advice of the council's expert planning people and legal officer and refused permission on dubious grounds for purely political reasons, knowing full well that their decision would be overturned on appeal - which it was. It hasn't been forced on anyone. Planning law has been followed, as evidenced by the fact that the High Court has rejected two Judicial Review challenges. Lancashire is home to 1.4 million residents, they have never been asked for their opinion on fracking and it's hugely unlikely that they'd all say no if they were asked. Meanwhile, in North Yorkshire, the county council awarded planning permission to Third Energy, and an attempt to overturn the decision by Judicial Review was again quashed.