Isn't fracking banned in a lot of countries?

I've heard that fracking is banned in many countries, why aren't we banning it here too?


Actually, we're only aware of one country out of a total of 195 globally (196 if you count Taiwan as a country in its own right) that has a permanent, legislative ban on fracking and that's Bulgaria. 

A small number of others have temporary, politically-driven and reversible moratoria in place. These include Romania, France, Germany, South Africa and Wales. France doesn't use anywhere near the amount of gas that other countries do because it obtains so much electricity from nuclear power. Germany's moratorium is an odd one because it allows fracking in tight sand reservoirs and also says that individual German states can, if they choose, allow fracking in shale. 

Scotland and Ireland have announced that they will ban it, but it has yet to be voted on by their respective parliaments and so we may yet see these plans scaled back to being temporary moratoria again. 

Beyond this small handful, there are no other countries with moratoria or total, permanent, legislative bans. Anyone claiming otherwise either doesn't have all the facts or is being wilfully dishonest.


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