Radioactive Waste Dumping

Didn't one of the fracking companies dump radioactive waste in the Manchester Ship Canal and, if so, why haven't they been prosecuted?


No, that never happened - at least not the way the story is told by opponents of fracking. The facts are that Cuadrilla in Lancashire sent its flowback wastewater to the United Utilities treatment facility in Davyhulme, Manchester, in 2011 where it was treated in accordance with the sites' environmental permit. Treated material from the Davyhulme facility is lawfully discharged to the Manchester Ship Canal. Davyhulme processes sewage flows of around 6,600 gallons a second, which means the total quantity of fracking wastewater accepted at the site over many months in 2011 is the equivalent of just 5 minutes’ worth of normal daily inputs. Nobody has been prosecuted because nobody has done anything wrong.