Fracking at Preston New Road not so noisy after all

Officials at Fylde Borough Council have received just 3 complaints about noise from residents, but no enforcement action necessary


When Cuadrilla's plans were being consulted on and considered by Lancashire County Council, much was made of the noise that we could expect from 24/7 drilling operations. It was going to keep everyone awake at night, leading to sleep deprivation and all manner of health woes as a consequence. 

At the time, Cuadrilla said it had done enough to reduce noise levels at the nearest dwellings to something akin to the quiet hum of a fridge freezer.

It seems they were right all along.

According to Fylde Borough Council, since operations began at Preston New Road at the start of January 2017, it has received just three complaints of alleged night-time noise at the site (between 1am and 3am). Two of these complaints were in August (drilling began on 17th August 2017) and one was in September.

Two of the complaints were from the same household, the other was from a separate household.

Fylde Borough Council has the legal responsibility to investigate noise complaints in its administrative area. It investigated all three complaints, and all three have been CLOSED-OUT WITHOUT ENFORCEMENT ACTION BEING TAKEN. There's a good chance that the noise was caused by piling works for the electrification of the nearby Blackpool to Preston railway line.

You can see why in this noise monitoring graph from Cuadrilla's environmental monitoring portal.


It's consistently within the range of background noise.

Fylde Borough Council have previously confirmed to us that there were no actionable noise complaints associated with the Preese Hall, Singleton or Annas Road wells in the past either.

All of which just further proves that the objections made by many were either knowingly false or based on hearsay.


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