Fracking isn't bad for your health


Every now and again, researchers in the US will produce a study that examines the health impacts of shale gas development on the surrounding communities. Every single one of these reports is inconclusive - they never find definitive proof of a link between fracking and ill health anywhere.

Correlation is not causation, as any half-decent scientist will tell you.

But even if there were a link, that's over in the US not here where working practices and regulations are different.

Public Health England, and the Scottish equivalent, have examined the facts and concluded that there is no risk to human health in the UK provided that fracking continues to be well regulated and is conducted properly. There are over 2,000 existing onshore oil and gas wells in the UK drilled over many decades, but no evidence of communities nearby suffering from poor health as a result.

As long as it's done right, with the right safeguards, fracking will not negatively impact public health.