Is the UK lagging behind Europe on renewables? No.

You'll have no doubt heard from fracking opponents that the UK is a poor performer on renewables, but is it?


They claim that "big oil and gas" has managed to hold-back the progress of renewables in the UK by exerting undue influence on the government and decision-makers.

But, as ever, spend a bit of time looking at the numbers and you soon find that the truth is very different.

Compared to the other 27 nations that make up the European Union (the EU28) the UK is in fact the FOURTH BEST when it comes to generating electricity from a range of renewable sources.

Using data freely available online from the respected International Energy Agency (IEA) we charted the performance of the EU28 in 2015 - the latest year for which data are available on the IEA website.

Here's how it looks:


As you can see, the UK outstrips all but three other EU28 nations - Germany, France and Italy. 

And when you look at the total electricity mix in these other countries, with the exception of France (which is dominated by nuclear) you find that the ratio of renewables to fossil fuels in the UK is consistent with the other top performers.

So there you have it - another bogus claim by the anti-fracking community laid to rest. The UK is one of the top four renewable energy generating nations in the EU28. "Big oil and gas" hasn't stymied development here, and fracking won't either.

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