Russia doesn’t just want to sell us gas, it wants to bomb our imports

It may sound fanciful, but it’s a clear and present danger: Russia wants to weaken us by cutting off our access to European gas and electricity.


The Secretary of State for Defence last week declared that Russia has been carrying out surveillance on the sub-sea gas and electricity infrastructure that connects us to Europe, in preparation for a potential future military strike.

He said such an attack would cause thousands upon thousands of deaths and lead to chaos.

If you doubt that Russia is capable of such planning, you only need to look back at the recent past for evidence of its bombers and other military aircraft flying very close to the UK’s sovereign airspace, resulting in the RAF scrambling Eurofighter Typhoon’s to ward them off - including as recently as 15th January 2018.


And then there’s it’s annexation of the Crimea in Ukraine.

It also stands accused of interfering in the EU Referendum in 2016, which might have been an effort to weaken ties between the UK and it’s European energy partners.

Be in no doubt, Russia has both the capability and the inclination to do it.

The head of NATO has previously suggested that Russia has been behind the anti-fracking movement in the UK and Europe, which most observers thought was about trying to bolster markets for Russian gas exports.

But what if the real motivation is to prevent us from developing our own, secure supplies of gas so that in a potential military conflict, it could inflict more damage and suffering on us by starving us of energy from abroad?

We don’t go in for conspiracy theories, but this isn’t a theory, it’s a very realistic possibility. And it wouldn’t just have to be Russia - other nation states may well have similar notions, as might stateless enemies.

It all makes getting on with fracking a defence imperative.

Business and Energy Secretary, Greg Clark, needs to recognise this and stop putting arbitrary obstacles in the way so that companies like Third Energy can get on and find out if we can produce our shale gas reserves and make ourselves more resilient to a future military attack on our energy systems.

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