Time to tell LCC to get tough on fracking camps

Activists have brazenly created a roadside camp on the A583 Preston New Road that includes caravans and tents. Travellers would soon be moved on, it's time this lot were!



If you haven't been along PNR recently, you're in for a shock. Watch this video to see what a mess activists and their camps are making of this otherwise lovely area.

The law allows councils to remove what are called "unauthorised encampments" on public land.

An unauthorised encampment occurs where any person camps (in vans, trailers or any other moveable accommodation) on land that they do not own, and where they do not have permission to reside. 

In its policy statement Managing Unauthorised Encampments on County Council owned land and on the Highway, Lancashire County Council says it will:

"Ensure that unauthorised encampments do not cause nuisance, interference or intimidation to the County Council as landowner and service provider, to legitimate users of the highway and other public land or to the wider community" and that it will "take action to move on unauthorised encampments".

But it won't act until it receives complaints from the public.


You can do this most easily by simply emailing a complaint to enquiries@lancashire.gov.uk

In doing so, you may want to point out that this unauthorised encampment at the junction of the A583 and Westby Road is: a nuisance, an eyesore, a danger to roadusers (especially those attempting to join the A583 from Westby Road who are likely to have their view obscured) and that the presence of activists occupying it is likely to make residents and the wider public feel intimidated. 

Get complaining. It's time the council got tough on these people who seem to think that the normal rule of law somehow doesn't apply to them

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