Vile Tina Louise Rothery must be outed

Tina Louise Rothery trades on her carefully manicured image as a caring mother and grandmother, but she's really just a vile excuse for a human being...


Watch her outside the Tory party conference in Birmingham, England, yesterday as she confronts a female conference delegate. 

Not happy that the woman is seemingly immune to her insistence that fracking in Lanca-sheer (yes, pronounced like someone from the Home Counties, not a proper local) will harm children, Tina launches into a tirade. 

The most shocking bit is where the woman explains that she no longer has any children of her own after her daughter committed suicide before last Christmas...and Tina, instead of being sensitive to what must have been the enormous suffering of another human being, and a mother, simply attacks her even more. 

That's the real Tina Louise Rothery. A truly caring mother and grandmother would have shared that woman's hurt, not used it to score cheap points.

It's time the media stopped giving her air time and column inches and letting her falsely portray herself as a concerned local citizen. She's not. She's a political activist that's rotten to her core as this video shows.

"I feel no f**cking guilt, why would I feel guilt?!"

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