Why fracking opponents are getting desperate

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and they're desperate to stop you tasting any.


Since the two minor tremors linked to Cuadrilla's test fracking were reported in Lancashire six years ago, fracking's detractors have thrown everything at their campaign to try and get the broader public to buy-in to their opposition.

We've had scare stories about flaming taps, earthquake swarms and cancer clusters as well as exaggerated claims about night-time noise, HGV's clogging little rural lanes and industrialisation of the landscape. 

But as we've already seen in Lancashire, where Cuadrilla is currently drilling two wells, it's not as bad as they've been arguing. Very soon, Third Energy will frack a well in North Yorkshire that it drilled without incident in 2013. 

Opponents have been desperate to stop this work going ahead because they know that once it has, and the public can see for themselves that there are no ill-effects, people everywhere are going to become much more accepting and maybe even supportive. 

Imagine how they're going to feel when they realise that the only poisioning of communities that's occurred takes the form of propaganda and lies spread by ideologically-driven and politically motivated activists. 


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