Yorkshire residents say no to fracking activists

Residents of Ryedale in North Yorkshire have said a resounding "no" to fracking activists with 650-strong petition


Gone, but not forgotten.

The majority of anti-fracking activists may have packed up and moved on from the quiet village of Kirby Misperton but local residents that have been plagued by delays and disruption caused by direct action stunts say the protestors are not welcome back and are even calling for future protest camps to be banned.

It's not surprising really when you look at the behaviour of the protestors who, every time villagers dared complain, attacked them on social media, even referring to them as just "collateral damage" in their war against Third Energy.

650 Yorkshire folks have signed a petition letting Thirsk and Malton MP, Kevin Hollinrake, see the extent of true feeling towards the activists who have spent over a year trying to pretend they had the full support of the community. Last month a Kirby Misperton villager got over 80 people to jointly sign a letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner too, in an earlier sign of frustration with the activists.

In Lancashire, over 350 people signed a letter to the Chief Constable last summer calling for a tougher line on policing the Preston New Road protests, showing that they too are not happy with the fact that protestors from all over the country are causing them regular aggravation. 

It's probably time for the council to evict the two protest camps there, on stolen land near B&Q on the Whitehills business park and also the rear of independent local business Lytham Windows. They are unsanitary, unpleasant to look at, and attract unsavoury characters - that surely can't be any good for local businesses whose staff and customers must feel intimidated by the presence of these camps and their occupants. Maybe someone should organise a petition to get them ousted? 

In the meantime, here are some links to the news coverage of the North Yorkshire petition because, you know, the activists probably won't want you to see it!!!




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